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Many people may
not realize it,  but when native American
mascots are used it can encourage stereotypes. What is are stereotypes?
Stereotypes are characteristics imposed upon groups of
people because of their race, nationality, and sexual orientation, among others.

 Weather a stereotype is positive it can still
have consequences. For example the team name Redskins. Although is it used in a
positive way it is still demonstrating a specific characteristic of a certain
group of people. The term redskin Refers to the race of Native Americans. It is
a derogatory term referred to the head of a dead Indian after they have been
scalped and there heads and face covered in blood. This encourages a
stereotype because the team name is often used and when someone wants to  search up the name and find what it actually
means then they will feel as if these terms are ok to use since a team is using

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